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Welcome to my website!


As an introduction, I have been involved in the world of art for over forty five years, and a secondary school art teacher for 2o years. This website showcases paintings from the past few years. I live in Perthshire, Scotland where the Highland scenery within close reach of my home is a year round source of stimulus. Seasonal observation of landscapes and differing light on the hills and mountains are ever present reference points in painting, over and above memory, sketches and photos. Interaction with my surroundings ultimately finds its way onto a canvas or watercolour paper. The desire to paint and capture moments in my immediate experience has been with me for as long as I can remember.                                                                                                                                                           


Through this website you have the opportunity to purchase atmospheric and original works of art for your home or office. The paintings range in price from the smallest which are just over £100 to £410 for the largest and can be delivered by post. 


Please email: For more information please see Paintings For Sale.



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